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  Marine Inspection & Port Facilities   

   Introduction:  top
Iranian Classification Society is a Non-government & Non for profit organization that in fact is operating in field of maritime activities in comprising classing, training, technical, production, industry & also serving to national/ international level.
   Marine Inspection & port facilities:  top

  Marine inspection & port facilities begins its official activities under accreditation given by Ports & Maritime Organization. This department consists of pertinent Rules & Regulations & standards in order to perform the relevant inspections which are as below:
  • Inspection & testing species of lifting equipment like as: crane, life truck, reach stocker, Transtainer & etc.
  • Inspection & testing species of tractor, bogie & etc.
  • Inspection & testing species of loader, grader, roller, finisher & etc.
  • Inspection & testing species of equipment used in factories & ports like as: grap, conveyor, scale & etc.
   Towing operation inspection & safe loading of vessel approval:  top
   Condition survey and ship pricing:  top
  • General process
    • Review of documents and drawing as described below:
      • Vessel general arrangement
      • Stability booklet
      • Classification and statutory certificates with its related endorsement
    • Survey of structure and equipment completely including:
      • Hull/ decks, securing eyes, holds, tanks, engine room …
      • Machinery including: propulsion system auxiliary and their controller and functioning indicators, transmission gear, rudder, electrical power and distribution (main & auxiliary, air circulation and exhausts etc. …
      • Survey of all safety equipment, navigation light, navigation and communication equipment, and etc.
  • Determination of matters & mandates

    The following matter shall be considered by requester:

    • End of loading and discharge
    • Cooperation and coordination with surveyor
    It is to be noted that the vessel shall be in condition that all equipment and machineries could by operated during the survey by pertinent crew.
  Container Inspection:  top
  Existed container inspection procedure owned by each company is conducted by this society in the line of optimal performance of the international convention for safe containers (CSC) requirements with the following offers:

  • A) Obligations undertaken by the company (owner) in the framework of approved continuous examination program.
  • B) Obligations undertaken through of periodical inspections in accordance with CSC 1979 requirements
  Standard used in port facilities:  top

  • Standard used by this society for inspection & approval of species cranes included: mobile crane, over-head & gantry crane, crane, derricks & ISO 4310
  • Standards used by this society for inspection & approval of species auxiliary lifting equipment included: hook, shackle, wire, chain … & Api standard
  • Standards used by this society for cargo loading test & container equipment certification on the base of ILO standard
  • Standard used by ICS for cargo loading test & trailers & tractors certification on the base of American standard OSHA
  Application Forms:  top
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