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About us

Iranian Classification Society at a glance
Iranian Classification Society is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which has been working to promote safety, security, and quality and technology level in various scientific, educational, technical and manufacturing fields in related national and international industries. overall, ICS focuses on design, development and implementation of rules and regulations; classification, statutory and marine surveys; audit; providing engineering consultancy; training services related to design, construction and operation of ships, offshore installation and other marine industrial services

Some services of ICS are as follows:

  • Audit; issuance of certificates related to quality management, safety, security, environmental, health fields in various marine, industrial, commercial sectors
  • Classification, statutory and marine surveys of ships and offshore installations and other marine industrial services
  • Providing consultancy, arbitration , making judgement on claims
  • Holding different training course, transferring up- to-date knowledge and technologies related to ICS activities to our country
  • Conducting and supporting research and innovation to develop safety and quality level in design and implementation of related rules and regulations for classification
  • Co-operation with administrative and scientific in stitutions related to ICS activities
  • Promoting various industries by utilizing advanced technologies and standards.


Iranian classification Society has updated its ISO 9001 to new Version of 2015 based on Risk management.

According to society stands during Sanction & post-sanction periods we have been able to prepare and analyzing the risks stemmed out from these particular periods, adapting a forward thinking the Society eessentially applied the new requirements in its planning and implemented within the organization structure, hence decided to proceed effectively with new requirements. Based on the external audit conducted on 16/12/1394 in line with improvement on implementation of ISO 9001 2015 by D.A.S (Accredited by UKAS of United Kingdom) this society has successfully managed to obtain the ISO 9001 2015 Certificate. It has been predicted that by introducing and implementing new version of ISO 9001 based on managing and analyzing the potential risks (Safety, business,…) this would invariably affect the society’s process and services in order to enhance its goals and its customer services in future. Needless to mention that Iranian Classification Society is ranked among the first Iranians company to be awarded the Certificate of ISO 9001 2015 version through D.A.S of UK accreditation system.